What is a Twitter Conference?

A Twitter conference is exactly like other conferences, but without the hassle of travel and registration fees! Each participant will be allocated a fifteen (15) minute period during which they will be required to present their work in a  12-15 tweet conference paper.  This will be followed by an additional fifteen (15) minute period for discussion and questions. Presentation tweets can be text based (within the 140-character limit), consist of slides and/or graphics, or combine both approaches.

How Can I Participate?

All you need to do is sign up for a Twitter account, which you can do easily at www.twitter.com. For a basic introduction to Twitter for historians, go here, or for more detailed instructions specific to Canadian history here.

Will there be a presenters’ guide?

Yes! We are working on a guide that will provide information how presenters should format their tweets, use hashtags, and engage with others during the conference.